How To Help Friends With Postpartum Depression

Our Sunday episode this week focus on a specific kind of depression: Postpartum. This is when a mother experiences a change in hormones and can cause the “baby blues” — a shift into sadness when the baby is young and new to the world.

As Jamila Young tells us, this causes guilt and worry for the mother. The stress alone is can cause the mother to withdraw into their own world. What they need more than ever are friends and love ones to be there for them.

So what can you do for someone who seems dazed or sad by the arrive of a bundle of joy?

First, Jamila tells us if you see unusual behavior, let the person know you are there for them and are willing to watch the baby for a while, so they can take a shower or a moment for themselves.

Secondly, let them know about postpartum depression. They may not know what it is or it may have not been apparent to them they could develop it.

Ask them to speak to a doctor or call a hotline for help. Most of all, be a friend and ask the mother how they are doing.

Jamila reminds us that we forget to acknowledge the mother after she gives birth, as the baby gets all the attention. The mother is going through many emotions and it’s your job as a friend to support them with advice, love, and fellowship.