Why I Started Better Than Depression

Since I can remember, depression has been apart of my life. It’s heavy and rampant. I think sometimes I would be better off dead, but inside I know it’s just my sick mind. Still, it has power over me.

Positive affirmations help when I’m at my lowest, so I began Better Than Depression, a podcast than would remind me what I have to live for and why I’m not going to quit the race. I want it to be an inspirational project for not only me but others — it’s not over until the fat man burps!

I started on November 12, 2018 and plan to finish on New Years 2019, because I don’t know how many things I can name. How many things get me out of bed in on those cloudy days? Is it more than 51 things for 51 day left I have to post?

I have so much to be thankful for…can I name them all and are there more than I can count?

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