Speaking of Emotions

Today, I cried holding Cris’ hand and talking about how happy I was to be with him. My husband stayed up all night to work on the website while I fell asleep. I felt so guilty for not staying up with him. Regardless, it’s the experience of sharing my emotions through touch and action. I know that my emotions are sometimes worn on my sleeve, but that is something I love about myself. 

There are people that express their negativity through angry tweets and yelling for no good cause. There has got to be a better way. If someone has upset you, wouldn’t it be better to give back love or constructive criticism? That is the hardest thing to do — to not meet hate with hate.  

When I see evil happen on the news or in front of my face, I visibly frown. But when someone in power allows evil to happen unpunished, and in fact coddles it, I lose a bit of hope for our world. I want to believe love exists, because I feel it everyday, but life isn’t fair. I have to realize love could leave me through so many ways, but that shouldn’t stop me from feeling it and helping it grow. I will not ever understand why people hate others. I can’t understand how liars and cheats prosper, while good and valiant people suffer, but I do believe there is a balance. 

If you are confused like me, know that you can take action to balance the world. There can be no good without evil, otherwise we wouldn’t understand the value of a close friend or enjoyable peace. If the government depresses you, you can vote people in that believe in the positive world that you envision.  If your boss cares more about the bottom line than employee’s happiness, find another job. I have had to change careers because I couldn’t sit and be unhappy.

I’d rather you cry from freedom, elation, and success than worry about things we can’t control. Together, we can build a world that leans on light and trumps the darkness. 

Mad love,