How We Can Help Sexual Violence Survivers with PTSD

Kelly Vines, our guest for the Sunday, has a story that is hard to tell and difficult to listen to. She recounts her experience with a horrible 4 year relationship that left her with post-traumatic stress disorder. She's telling the story to help others who might be in this situation or have gone through this. It's a unique story that you have to hear to understand what it's really like for someone who has been through sexual assault.W

We will explore her courageous journey leaving and slowly healing everyday. The pain is still with her but she is brave enough to still use this experience as an advocate to educate others. 

Kelly let's us know not all sexual assault survivors have PTSD, and what we can do as friends for those that need help is to be there for them. Drive someone to a group meeting or a safe place. If they can get through the front door to therapy that is a major step forward.

We as friends may never know but it's like to lose our way of thinking, exploring, and reacting to our world, but we can believe the survivors and get them where they need to be. Help your friends look forward to living there life even though their past might have a stain. 

Kelly also remind us that we are not, as friends, equipped to be therapist; that there are special places for people that are going to PTSD where they can receive the best care possible and it's our job to help them show up and know that they are loved unconditionally. 

 Join us Sunday for a special episode to discuss these topics further and hopefully open your eyes and heart.

Mad love,