Calling all Introverts!

As an introvert and someone who deals with social anxiety, I tend to stay away from large public gatherings either because I fear anxiety attacks or simply because I find it really draining on myself to stay in those spaces for large periods of time. This has me wondering how other introverts, or people who have mental illness, participate in our democracy—how do they approach voting?

Does this at all affect your voting process? Are you anxious to go out and stand in line to vote or is voting too important to miss? How do you express yourself and values to your representatives?

We want to hear your response to help give a voice to introverts everywhere. Give us a call at (931) 683-9842 or email us at and leave a voicemail with your response and you could be featured on an episode of Borderline Idealist.

The deadline is October 25, 2018. The episode will go live Sunday, October 28.

Thank you for helping the introvert and Mental Health Community!