An Introvert Goes To Pride

There were thousands of people colorfully dressed, and extroverts cheering and socializing. The crowds are draining me of energy as they scream chants. I make sure I have an emergency ration of anxiety meds. 

Why am I not in doors watching this on TV or reading a news article on how it went?  


Because I can  be here. In some places on this planet, there are countries that ban LGBTQ people from being themselves and expressing their sexuality, truth, and happiness. 

Pride is a celebration of LGBTQ people, from gays to pansexuals to transsexual. We show up in great numbers so that people know we exist and for unity.

If you don't fight for your rights, they could be taken away while you're not looking.

I had to leave after standing out and watching the parade for 40 minutes but it was worth every second to be there among the community. We saw politicians that support us. There were representatives of so many aspects of the colorful community -- different ethnicities, minorities, religions.

Though I couldn't stay long, and I'd rather be home, I attended to represent the gay introverts. My husband, sister, and nephew supported me. I couldn't have asked for a better Pride.

Remember to support the things you believe in, not just by the things that you say, but by going to events and being a part of the group (and VOTE!). When people see this, they can put faces to the cause and it makes it harder for you to be ignored. There's power in groups and in building a community! 



ohhhh yeah! I'm cool!


Extrovert sister Jamila and Cris, my INFJ hubby!