I won't walk away

People with BPD are programed to believe we will be abandoned. We see it everywhere — when we shout for help through suicide attempts, breakdowns, manipulation, ect.

Why can't others see we are struggling to be loved? This love is killing us inside!

Our friends are gone before we can explain or they don't try to understand what is going on.

We feel we need to be alone for the rest of our lives because who has the patience and time to love someone like us?

Don't think everyone will run away! I have found people that believe in me and know that when I'm having a bad day that's not a reason to run, but it gives me time so I can come back and tell them how much I love them and why I was feeling the way I did.


I want to give up so many times. Loneliness can push you to the edge. What do other people have that I don't? I have an attractive personality, I'm a nice person, I just might say the wrong thing sometimes and people don't know that when they're quiet and gone, that's when I break down and feel trapped and alone.

I want you to know that if you have borderline personality disorder that I won't leave you alone. You deserve to be loved and understood and I will keep fighting for that. I know it's hard, especially in the social media world we live in, but if you ever don't feel loved reach out to me and I will remind you that you are. Mad love,