Help Wanted: What to say...?


I need help... What if you believe someone very close to you has a mental illness and feel as if you should tell them that seeking help could make their life better?

There's certain things that I've seen this person do that makes me think they might have a personality disorder. I don't want to self-diagnose but it's hard to stay quiet about it when you see it hurting the people around you. People talk about them behind their back and I really want to help.

They told me they went to a psychiatrist before and we're suggested to take medicine but shrugged it off as that's what psychiatrist do... just pedal meds.

My husband suggested I write them a letter because talking to them leads nowhere. They deflect on to other people and don't want to talk about themselves.

This is so tricky, but I love them and want them to get the help that I got too.

Has anyone had a situation like this? What did you do? And if you happen, what would you do?

It could be none of my business, but I can't help feeling like I'm enabling it if I don't say something.