New Meds, New Me


After all the trouble I went through with my insurance company and pharmacy getting my Lamictal, I ended up getting annoying ringing in my ears as a side effect. This depressed me even more knowing I had to report it to my doctor (and because it was hard to fall asleep hearing the constant bells) to start something new. She handed me a new mood stabilizer that I've been on for a couple of days and I can honestly say I'm feeling better.

I got to see my best friend and family this weekend, celebrate my brother's birthday, and finally retrieve my archive of comics and handwritten poetry books I left at my parent's house.

I'm so thankful they're soooooo supportive! I don't know what I would do without them. It's a headache trying to find the right medicine and hoping that it works, but it is worth it in the end. 

The ringing in my ears is still faintly there, and I hope it goes away soon, but at least I'm feeling better that's what's important. Now I want to focus on submitting some of my poetry or writing a poetry book. It's been my aspiration for a long time but I lacked the motivation and depression has kept me away from the things I love.

I feel like I'm back alive and I should use this energy wisely.