Being Sensitive

Every once in a while, I run into people who commands I not be so sensitive.

I use to laugh it off. Now I just say no.

I have emotions. They can get out of control, sure. But if I feel strongly that something isn't right or goes against my morals, I can't hide my disdain for it.

My facial expressions make it hard for me to hide my innermost feelings. Most of the time I want to hide them so no one will make me feel different. But if I say "yes" but my face says "no”, there's probably an internal battle going on.

This isn't the Age of Reason. Emotions are not something to be ashamed of. You should be free to feel your feeling.

Next time someone calls you sensitive, tell them to think about what it means to be insensitive.

Express yourself through healthy means (having an open honest discussion about it, art, poetry, etc.), don't ever bottle your feelings up, and don't ever let anyone walk all over you and then tell you you're just too sensitive.

I want to know how you feel.

It's important how YOU feel.

Mad love,