This morning, I wrote this poem as a reflection on reaction to life events, how we see it differently at the time and how it can affect us later.

This poem channels my anxiety, my worry that I did something wrong in the past or could have done better. I scrutinize my conduct in past instead of moving on. The ending doesn't seem optimistic because that is how I felt it should end. However a past, present, or future experience affects your thinking today, please remember to turn your head north, always north, always forward!


I thought of myself as happy, When windows blew open I bathed, In swarms of wind that pressed onward, My feet buried like diamonds in caves.

I thought of myself as nimble, When glass burned faces of men, Children concealed under their forms, Cuts on neither my hands or kin!

Though I myself was cheerful, My thoughts could not pronounce, How horrible the malice rang til later, My head buried backwards to the south.