Get Free

Sometimes we get stuck. I've been stuck.

When you feel invisible, you become invisible. Don't get me wrong, I love being the friendly neighborhood recluse, but it can become a burden when you're not thinking of yourself in the most positive light. I didn't post anything to my blog, so I'm disappointed in myself for not writing regularly like I had been.

My sister challenged me to leave to comfort of the couch for an adventure outdoors. It makes me nervous to be exposed. BPD has always made my emotions hard to hide. I am filled with anxiety.

I might have an anxiety attack…

I could get mad at a simple joke someone tells…

Instead, I focused on having a good time, and enjoying nature and I did! We floated down a river with paddles. We had a wine tasting at a vineyard. We stayed in a "yurt" ... which is my official word of the month.

When you've been depressed, you know what darkness feels and taste like. Maybe it's time to try something different. As my first post of the month I challenge each introvert to get out of the house every now and then. I challenge every extrovert to stay in now and again.


I am shy yet curious to view outside, if only for a brief moment. Experiencing it with my sister woke me up inside. I remembered that others feel the way I do sometimes and the least I can do is blog. Our voice matters, because we are more alike than different.


I'm challenging myself to find more ways to help those suffering from mental illness. You shouldn't have to do it alone; you need something to change.