Intuitive Focus

adult anger art black background N

The N in "INFP" stands for intuitive. 

As an introvert, I have great insight into my emotions. As someone with BPD, I'm closer to my emotions than I would like, and the insight can get lost. Is being emotionally sensitive nothing but a curse?

When It Rains

Attempting to try to understand my emotions sometimes leads me into depression. I'll try to think why someone would treat me a certain way or say something. This can lead to anxiety as I'm worrying too much about how I reacted, how I should have reacted... then begins the spiral of negative self-talk.

I feel overwhelmed by emotion like choking on suffocating smoke fuming from a fire. The fire engulfs my mind as I get angry at myself. Someone close to me might get burned if they find me depressed in my thoughts; I might say something hurtful and storm out of the room.

With Great Power...

My intuition has warned me about toxic relationships, but I didn't listen. It told me I wasn't happy in my corporate career, but I thought I could eventually be. I know myself very well, and have learned to do myself a favor and actively listen to my inner voice.

When I'm coming up with writing idea, I'm able to imagine very detailed characters. I can feel their needs and wants. I enjoy being about to convey a story of heartache, fear, deception, or romance. All the times I've worried about how I acted and got anxiety can pay off. The reruns in my head of what I should have done can become stories. I put those character studies to work, and make complex characters who have to make tough choices.

Keep your Heart on your Mind

All in all, follow your heart and do what makes you happy! That is the emotion we all search for and by looking inward you can find what drives you. If you have mental illness, remember you have a unique point of view unlike anyone else. Care for people, love youself, and stay perceptive!