Introverts Unite!

Introversion is a personality trait that manifest in solitary behavior and self-reflection. Introverts are concerned with internal emotions and thoughts rather than seeking external attention. Introverts are awesome, brilliant, handsome. The "I" in INFP stands for Introversion. Hey, guess that makes me one of those awesome, brilliant, handsome guys!

The opposite of introversion would be extroversion. Extroverts love being around people, for some reason. I mean, they like conversation and it makes them happy to have the attention of others. Could you imagine?

Introverts Traits:
  • Learn better when observing
  • Keep their emotions to themselves
  • Enjoying learning and gaining knowledge
  • Seen as shy, quiet, anti-social
  • Do not feel comfortable around large groups but let down their guard around familiar people and loved ones

Introversion-extroversion are on a spectrum. Some introverts are able to go out more often and enjoy concerts and crowds. Others only go out when they need to. We think about it like a battery that needs to be charged before we can be social again. Otherwise, it's really uncomfortable and overwhelming, and feels like you can't hear yourself think.
I'm the kind of introvert that only goes out when I feel like I've been inside too long. My time alone is the most creative and relaxing. I don't have many close friends (because friends = wanting to hangout all the time) and the ones I do are introverts themselves, so they get me. My best friend and I text more than talk on the phone.
I had a boss once that told me he was so extroverted, he couldn't stand being by himself for too long. In fact, he would get bored and seek people to hangout with or go to a club himself.
The club... By yourself? I'd rather stay at home, watch Netflix an write a short story. That might sound boring, but there will be homemade nachos!
When I'm alone, I feel at peace and motivated. If I have close friends or family over, I'm still chill. If they're bring someone new over, I start to sweat a bit. How long will they be here? Do I have to say anything? What if I have nothing to say?
My cat's an introvert. When new humans invade her space, she hides in my closet until she's familiar with them (that could take days or a week of hearing their voice and smelling their scent). But I have to suffer the mental strain of a stranger in my presence, laughing nervously and stuttering.
As an introvert I know no matter what there will be times I have to speak up and be seen. I'm fine with that, but when my timer goes off, you can find me in my room.