6 ways to keep your motivation when you are depressed

man in red crew neck sweatshirt photography Depression can take a once fun activity, and turn it into a stressful imposition. My favorite hobby is writing but when I wake up in the morning heavy in my bed depressed, I realize it is going to take extra effort to get on my way. Here are my 6 ways of finding the push to say "Yes we can!" oppose to the "Lock her up!" (smh)

  1. Turn up Wilson Phillips "Hold On" or whatever you favorite millennial whoop jam!

I have a playlist on Youtube with songs that remind me to get through and just make me feel good about myself! I turn it on before I get out of bed as if charging my internal battery. When the words of the song really hit me I make the dash!

2. Run from the bed!

It's more of a slow dragging, but I force my body to get away from the comfort of the bed. I brush my teeth, change out of my PJs, take a shower, try to eat some breakfast. The idea is to not let yourself sleep the day away. Change your thinking through the simple action of waking up. It's a beautiful day!

3. Clean up! Clean up! Everybody depressed clean up!

It's raining today... but still a beautiful day! Just like the rain washes the Earth, let's wash some dishes, or my clothes that have been on the laundry floor for days. I vacuum and dust as much as I can. Not only does it make everything look nice and organized, I can't help feeling better about myself. I accomplished something, and that's something to celebrate!

4. Play with your best friend -- your Pet!

When my cats ball up with me in the bed, it does make it harder to get up. They are so adorable! But having a pet means a friend who won't judge you and loves to have fun with you! I pull out the laser or throw a crinkly toy. Sitting on the couch, watching a documentary, petting Zoe hearing her purr like crazy reminds me I am loved and I can do this!

5. Reach out for support!

Your friends and family can help put the fire under your ass! If you find you can't get yourself moving, it's time to bring on the people that know you the best. They can bribe you to go outside for a Starbucks, or drive to your place. Usually, going to my sisters house or talking on the phone with my husband can really brighten my day.

6. Do some exercise!

Go for a nature walk. Ride your bike around the block. If you don't feel like going outside, do a quick workout indoors. I walk down my apartment stairs to my front door and back up to the kitchen, setting a goal of doing it 10 times. It really makes a difference to workout some of your stress physically and instead of being exhausted from sadness, I'm pooped from beneficial exercise.

I hope these can inspire you to stay motivated when you are depressed. When you have those sad days, hit the play button on your Positivity playlist and tell yourself it's a new day!