ajani & cristhtian

Meet the creators.


After meeting and connecting over the Myer Briggs personality types, AJ the INFP (inversion, intuitive, feeling, perceptive) along with his husband Cris the INFJ (inversion, intuitive, feeling, judgmental) decided to take on the mission of speaking out for introverts and tackling mental illness stigma in a loving and positive way. They were inspired by their loving marriage and AJ's disillusionment as an introvert in Corporate America. AJ has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), which affects his mood and relationships. This makes his life as an introvert a little harder than most. Cris has been by AJ’s side supporting him, being a witness to the daily struggle, and offering all the love and compassion he can muster. They both have a passion for using their creative talents to help those who feel as intensely and warmly as they do.

AJ acts as the podcast producer and content creator, while Cris spearheads graphic and web design. Together they are a team of idealist unlike the world has ever seen!